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Glossary for Building Projects in Spain


3,163 Terms Architecture and Construction: Dictionary Spanish - English - Spanish / Jan 2015 (English Edition)
Some terms related to the building process in Spain:

Arquitecto = Architect

The architect is the professional who is member of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos of any province in Spain.

Obra = Work

The Work means the total construction and related services required by the construction contract documents.

Presupuesto de Ejecución Material (PEM) = Material Performance Cost

Material performance cost is a price of all project elements designed or specified by, or on behalf of, or as a result of, the coordination by the architect. Material performance cost includes the cost of all materials and labour necessary to complete the Work, and excludes the following:
  1. the overhead and the profit of the contractor
  2. the full amount of value-added taxes
  3. the building permit fees
  4. the compensation of the architect and the consultants
  5. other professional fees which are the responsibility of the client
  6. the land cost, and land development charges.

Anteproyecto = Schematic Design

Schematic design documents to illustrate the scale and character of the project and how the parts of the project functionally relate to each other, based on the mutually agreed upon program of requirements and schedule.

Proyecto básico = Architectural Design

Design development documents drawings and other documents appropriate to the size of the project, based on the client’s approved schematic design documents and agreed estimate of material performance cost.

Proyecto de ejecución = Construction Documents

Construction documents consist of drawings, specifications and other documents appropriate to the size and complexity of the project, to describe the size and character of the entire project including architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, materials and such other elements setting forth in detail the requirements for the construction, enlargement or alteration of the building or buildings of the project.

Dirección de obras = General Review

General review means review during visits to the place of the Work at intervals appropriate to the stage of the construction that the architect in its professional discretion, considers necessary to become familiar with the progress and quality of the Work and to determine that the Work is in general conformity with the construction contract documents, and so report, in writing, to the client, contractor and chief building official.

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