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Antiquity Certificates (III)

Certificates Attesting the Antiquity of Buildings (III)

Justification of Antiquity. Purpose, Limitations and Approval.

Antiquity Certificates of buildings and constructions must contain justification for the estimation of the age, which must be based on the use of documents as evidence. These documents must be provided together with the certificate.

Supporting Documents

List of documents which serve as a reference to establish the age of a building property:
  • dated aerial photographs, obtained from sources such as 'Ministerio de agricultura, pesca y alimentación', 'Consejería de vivienda y ordenación del territorio' or 'Consejería de agricultura y pesca de la Junta de Andalucía'
  • documentation belonging to urban planning, in which the building is clearly rendered
  • contracts for supplies, like water, electricity or telecommunications
  • cadastral certifications.

Purpose and Limitations of the Antiquity Certificates

Ideally, the text of the Antiquity Certificate must specify the purpose for which it is drawn. Antiquity Certificates should never include aspects related to the habitability or structural safety of the building; these are typical aspects of the Final Certificates that are part of the Legalization Projects. Therefore, Antiquity Certificates are not proper documents that may grant particularized recognition of a situation assimilated to 'out of urban planning' regime. It is appropriate that the certificate text expressly states that it is not a valid document for the purpose of legalizing the property, in order to avoid confusion about the scope.

Approval by College of Architecture

In accordance with Spanish Royal Decree 1000/2010, Antiquity Certificates do not require the approval by the College of Architecture, because there's not a direct causal link between the professional work of the architect and the effect on the physical integrity and security of the people.
Antiquity Certificates for Buildings in Spain

Daniel Trujillano, Architect
Drafting of Antiquity Certificates for Buildings in Spain

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