Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Value of a Spanish Architect

Working Relationship with your Architect in Spain

The Contribution of the Spanish Architect

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In Spain, the LOE (Ley de Ordenación de la Edificación) details the specific cases where you should hire an architect. However, even where not required by law, consultation with a Spanish architect will always help you ensure that your building project in Spain will be as successful as possible. When you hire a Spanish professional you choose a person with specialized knowledge based on intensive academic preparation combined with technical and ethical standards.

Professionals in the Spanish Building Industry

The building process in Spain can be complex and challenging. It will probably be necessary to take many decisions, which will have a major impact on the outcome. A Spanish architect can ease the way by helping you to avoid wrong directions and leading you to creative and innovative solutions. The Spanish architects are well aware of the working methods of the Spanish construction industry and the applicable laws and regulations, and can guide you at every step of the project. Hiring a Spanish architect will provide peace of mind. Your Spanish architect can help you manage the design, construction and budget. He may be responsible for managing the project and coordinating the work of consultants and contractors.

The Value of a Spanish Architect

Whatever your project, whether building a new building or reforming, rehabilitating or expanding an existing building, a Spanish architect will bring value to your project. The architect's contribution to the building extends beyond form and aesthetics. He can influence the perception, performance and value of the building. A Spanish architect can design a building, an urban planning or an interior which will suit the needs of the users current and future, by creating environments not only productive but also enjoyable to visit and live. Consulting a Spanish architect in the early stages of the project opens the door to cost savings, both in construction and operation of the building, through innovative design solutions. A good Spanish architect can interpret your ideas with imagination and create spaces that can be used, enjoyed and appreciated for decades. The Spanish architects are prepared to take advantage of the location, urban conditions, construction systems and applicable laws and regulations to maximize what you can get with your budget. In addition, a skilled architect can reduce the operating costs over the lifespan of the designed building.