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Endorsement by Architects' Association in Spain (I)

Mandatory Endorsement by Architects' Association in Spain (I)

Architectural Services that Require Endorsement by Architects' Association

In Spain, the Royal Decree 1000/2010 identifies which professional services must necessarily obtain Endorsement by a Professional Associtation ('Visado colegial'), as an exception to the client's choice. These are the services in which there is a direct causal link between the professional service and the effect on the physical integrity and security of the people, and in which the Endorsement by a Professional Association is the best-proportioned means of control.

The Royal Decree also specifies the legal regime applicable to cases of Mandatory Endorsement.

Mandatory Endorsements

The Royal Decree 1000/2010 prescribes Mandatory Endorsement by a Professional Association only on the following professional services:
  • Construction Documents for building projects
  • Construction Completion Certificates in building projects
  • Legalization Documents for buildings: Construction Documents and Completion Certificates that, if any, should be provided in administrative procedures for the legalization of building works
  • Demolition Documents for buildings where the demolition doesn't require the use of explosives
  • Documents related with blasting, explosives, ammunition and pyrotechnic projects
  • Documents for exploitation projects of mineral resources.

Partial Documents Endorsement

Although professional services are developed or supplemented by partial documentation and other technical documents, the final documents may be endorsed just once and by only one Professional Association, which must be competent in the subject matter of the work. No need for partial endorsement of documents that are part of them.

The Competent Professional Association

For the mandatory endorsement, the undersigned professional should be directed to the Professional Association which is competent in the principal matter of the professional service. If several competent Professional Associations in the field, the practitioner can obtain the endorsement at any of them.
In the Construction Completion Certificates for building projects, the subject matter includes Direction of the Work and Direction of the Performance of the Work, so it's enough with the endorsement by a competent Professional Association in any of these two subjects.
Any Spanish practitioner can get endorsement at any of the Professional Associations in Spain.
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