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Uses in Buildings (I)

Building Uses in Spain (I)

List and Classification of Uses for Buildings

In Spanish building industry, uses are defined as those activities that take place in a building, or in certain areas of a building, after its delivery to the users.

Uses in Spanish LOE and CTE

Spanish 'Ley de Ordenación de la Edificación' (LOE) defines three groups of uses: A, B and C. Then, the 'Código Técnico de la Edificación' (CTE) includes definitions for the uses. Using both official documents we can compile the list of uses is included below:

Group A Uses

The A group includes the following uses:
  • Administrative Use ('Uso Administrativo'): Building, facility or area in which management activities or services are carried out. It includes public administration centers, banks, professional offices, etc.
  • Sanitary Use ('Uso Sanitario'): building or area which use includes hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health centers, clinics, clinical analysis centers, etc.
  • Religious Use ('Uso Religioso'): spaces for cult.
  • Public Residential Use ('Uso Residencial Público'): Building or facility designed to provide temporary shelter, which can provide common services such as housekeeping, dining, laundry, meeting and entertainment facilities, sports, etc. It includes hotels, hostels, tourist apartments, etc.
  • Residential Housing Use ('Uso Residencial Vivienda'): Building or area for permanent accommodation. It includes detached houses, flats, apartments, etc.
  • Educational Use ('Uso Docente'): Building, establishment or area for teaching, in any level. It includes nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, university, etc.
  • Cultural Use ('Uso Cultural'): building or establishment for catering, entertainment, meeting, leisure, sport, auditoriums, games, etc.

Group B Uses

The B group includes the following uses:
  • Aeronautical ('Aeronáutico')
  • Agricultural ('Agropecuario')
  • Of Energy ('De la energía')
  • Of Hydraulics ('De la hidráulica')
  • Miner ('Minero')
  • Of Telecommunications ('De telecomunicaciones')
  • Of Land, Sea, River and Air Transport ('Del transporte terrestre, marítimo, fluvial y aéreo')
  • Forest ('Forestal')
  • Industrial
  • Naval
  • Of Sanitation and Hygiene Engineering ('De la ingeniería de saneamiento e higiene')
  • Accessory to Engineering Works and their Exploitation ('Accesorio a las obras de ingeniería y su explotación').

Group C Uses

Within the group called C, LOE includes all buildings whose uses are not specifically listed in the two previous groups.
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