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Uses in Buildings (II)

Building Uses in Spain (II)

Uses in the Group C of the LOE

The building uses in Groups A and B are listed in Article 2 of the Spanish 'Ley de Ordenación de la Edificación' (LOE), but when it comes to the uses in Group C, the Law simply states they are the uses not specifically listed in the two previous groups. If we limit ourselves to the list of building uses that are defined by the Spanish 'Código Técnico de la Edificación' (CTE), which are listed in the Terminology annexes, there are only two uses that may be included in the Group C of the LOE: Parking Use and Commercial Use.

Parking Use

Parking Use ('Uso aparcamiento') is defined as one that characterizes the buildings, facilities or areas for parking of vehicles, but only if the surface area exceedes 100 sq. m. It may include areas destinated to washing vehicles, tuning, installation of accessories, checking tires and headlights, etc., and it excludes garages in private houses, whatever its surface, as well as exterior car parks around buildings, even if the lots are covered.

Commercial Use

Commercial Use ('Uso comercial') is defined as one that characterizes the buildings or establishments whose main activity is the sale of products directly to the public, or the provision of services related thereto. It's the use of the shops, department stores, malls, markets, shopping malls, etc.
Establishments that lend certain services directly to the public, not necessarily related to the sale of products, may also be considered to be affected by Commercial Use, if constructive and functional characteristics can be assimilated more to Commecial Use than to any other use. Examples of such assimilation can be laundromats, hair salons, etc.
Architectural Design

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