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Value Module M for Cadastral Valuations in Spain

Module M for Determining the Value of Properties in Spain

M, MBR and MBC Modules

The revised text of the Spanish Law of Cadastre (R.D.L. 1/2004) provides that the determination of the Cadastral Value should take into account the market circumstances and values, which cannot be exceeded. One of the instruments that allow the correlation between Cadastral Value and Market Value is the Value Module M. This module must collect the variations experimented over time by the Market Value of the urban real estate, according to the market analysis performed by the General Directorate of Cadastre.

Current Value of Module M

The value of the Module M that is considered current is still the one set by the Order EHA/1213/2005, which established 1,000 Euros per square meter.

Current Values of MBR and MBC Modules

The application of factors for the diversification of the land and the construction results in the MBR and MBC Modules. The Circular 01.04/14/P of the General Directorate of Cadastre established, for the year 2014, Impact Values ranging from 25 Euros per square meter, corresponding to the MBR-6 and MBR-7, to 3,886 Euros per square meter, corresponding to the MBR-1. The current values for the module MBC were determined in Circular 01.04/08, which assigned a construction value ranging between 400 Euros per square meter, corresponding to MBC-7, to 700 Euros per square meter, corresponding to MBC-1. The MBR and MBC Modules apply to Statement of Values affecting all the urban properties of the municipality, and also to any subsequent partial Statement.
Valuation of Buildings in Spain

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Valuation Reports for Buildings in Spain

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