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Value Module M, Coefficient RM and Amendment of the Statement of Values

Module M, Coefficient RM and Statement of Values

Cadastral Value, Market Value and Individualized Value

Spanish Law 39/1998, regulating local treasuries, states that the Cadastral Value of the real property must be determined by reference to its Market Value. In order to give effect to that reference, the Cadastral Valuation procedure uses two main tools:
  • value Module M, which aims to capture the variations in the Market Value of the urban real estate, according to market analysis made by the General Directorate of Spanish Cadastre, by fixing the value of the real estate product and by serving as a basis for the values of the land and the construction
  • coefficient of Market Relationship (RM), which acts on the individualized valuation of the goods resulting from the Statement of Values, in order to ensure uniform reference to Market Values.

A change in the value of the module M does not alter the relationship between Cadastral Values and Market Values.

Individualized Value Resulting from the Statement of Values

The individualized value resulting from the Statement of Values is obtained by adding the value of the land in the plot and the replacement value of the building. Both values and their sum must be corrected in accordance with the provisions of the Valuation Technical Regulations. If the building is completed, the result must also receive the application of a coefficient relating the costs and benefits of the development.

Application of the Coefficient RM

The application of the coefficient of Market Relationship (RM) requires that the Statement of Values affects all the urban properties of the municipality. The coefficient is applicable to the individualized values resulting from the amendment procedures of the Statement.

Amendment of the Statement of Values

The amendment of a Statement of Values requires to adopt:
  • the criteria and guidelines for the National Coordination of Values under which the Statement of Values was approved
  • the homogeneous economic areas, modules, bands of coefficients and weightings contained in the Statement of Values
  • the conversion factors that may be applicable to the Cadastral Values resulting from the Statement of Values.

The amendment process requires all the documents needed to define the scope of the amendment. It must state the new values for the streets or street sections. Where appropriate, it must establish the new delimitation of urban land. Every amendment to a State of Values should be justified by analysis and conclusions contained in market studies on the affected territory.
Valuation Report

Architect Daniel Trujillano
Valuation Reports for Properties in Spain

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