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Buildings Assimilated to the Outside Planning Regime (II)

Properties Assimilated to the Outside Planning Regime (II)

Technical Certificate for Particularized Recognition

The particularized recognition of a building assimilated to the outside planning regime provides a valid document for the definitive hiring of the services provided by the suppliers of electricity, water, gas and telecommunications. It also allows access to the Property Registry for the recognized building, by the inscription with notice about its particularized situation. After obtaining recognition, all repair and maintenance works required by the strict preservation of the safety and health conditions of the building will be authorized.

The Technical Certificate

Normally, the inscription in Title Deeds of buildings performed under the prescription of an urban infraction will require a technical certificate stating about the description and the antiquity of the performed works. However, to obtain the resolution of building assimilated to the outside planning regime, such certificate should contain:
  • complete identification of the affected property, indicating the number in the Property Registry (if it's already registered) and geographic location by cadastral reference
  • date of completion of the building, properly accredited by any valid evidence document
  • the use to which the property is intended
  • expert opinion about safety, habitability and health conditions, considering the building use
  • expert opinion about the installations, considering the autonomous character, the environmental sustainability and the current regulations, and considering the building use
  • if the building lacks of some installation, a description of all necessary works needed for the provision of every basic service required.

In other words, the procedure for the recognition of building assimilated to the outside planning situation requires drafting a set of technical construction documents, and not just a certificate of antiquity.
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