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Waste Management in Spanish Demolition Projects (I)

Waste Management in Demolition Projects in Spain (I)

Demolition Works. The Producer and the Holder of the Waste.

One of the objectives of the Spanish Royal Decree 105/2008, on the Production and Management of Construction and Demolition Waste, is the establishment of a legal framework for the production and management of waste from demolition works, in order to encourage its valuation through the following ways:
  • preventing
  • reusing
  • recycling
  • other forms.

The Decree provides also that demolition waste intended for disposal operations must receive adequate treatment.

The Demolition Works

Spanish Royal Decree 105/2008 defines the demolition works as those involved in the demolition of a building, a sports facility, a leisure facility or civil engineering works. Any facility that provides exclusive service to the demolition work, such as treatment facilities for the waste, will be considered a part of the demolition work.

Producer of the Demolition Waste

The Producer of the demolition waste ('Productor' in Spanish) is the owner of the demolition permit. If the demolition work does not require any permit, the Producer will be the legal owner of the property where the demolition works will be located. The importers or purchasers of demolition waste in any state of the European Union will also be considered Demolition Waste Producers.

Holder of the Demolition Waste

The Holder of the demolition waste ('Poseedor' in Spanish) is any person who has possession of the demolition waste without being a Waste Manager. In any case, the person or company who performs the demolition works will be considered Demolition Waste Holder, and that may include:
  • the building company
  • the subcontractors
  • the freelancers.

The labors will never be considered Demolition Waste Holders.
Demolition Projects in Spain

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