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The General Review of Building Works (I)

General Review in Spain (I)

Responsibility. Replacement.

In Spain, the Director of the Works ('Director de obra' in Spanish) is the ultimate authority during the performance of the works, whatever the type of his recruitment. His function is the General Review of the works during the construction process, and this is an independent professional activity, so it is possible that one single building project has one architect assigned to the Architectural Design and the Construction Documents, and another architect assigned just for the General Review. It can also happen that the same construction work has several Directors, all of them assigned together.

Responsibility of the Director of the Works

If an architect accepts making the General Review of the works in a building project and he is not the author of the Construction Documents, he will be forced to assume the responsibilities arising from any possible deficiency that may be present in them. However, he will be entitled to recourse against the author of the documents. Moreover, when the construction is completed, he shall be responsible, together with the Director of the Performance of the Works ('Director de la Ejecución de la Obra' in Spanish), about the veracity of the statement on the Certificate of Completion of the Works ('Certificado final de obra' in Spanish). When several architects are hired as Directors of the Works, all of them will share the responsibility.

Replacement of the Director of the Works

If the Developer ('Promotor' in Spanish) decides to terminate his contract with the Director of the Works, or the Director decides to resign, the architect who comes to accept the new contract will have to notify the event to the Architects' Association and to the ceased architect, and his assignment will not become effective until the removal, replacement or resignation of the substituted architect is drafted and signed. The replacement shall be recorded in the Book of Orders and Assists ('Libro de órdenes y asistencias' in Spanish). The responsibility of the outgoing architect will be limited just to the works performed under his direction. The incoming architect, new Director of the Works, will have to take on the Construction Documents and the portion of the works already performed. The procedure requires drafting an Act of Acceptance and Transfer of Authority, which will state the current status of the works. The Act of Acceptance shall be submitted to the Architects' Association, and the replacement shall be notified to the City Council.
Architectural Design, Construction Documents and General Review

Architect Daniel Trujillano

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