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The General Review of Building Works (III)

General Review in Spain (III)

Coordinator for Safety and Health. Types of Builders.

If the works of a building project involve more than one company or freelancer, the developer must designate a Coordinator for Safety and Health during the performance of the works. According to the Spanish LOE (Law on Construction Planning), the enabling qualifications to serve as a Coordinator for Safety and Health in building projects are:
  • Architect
  • Technical Architect
  • Engineer
  • Technical Engineer.

The Coordinator for Safety and Health shall perform the following functions:
  • coordinating the implementation of the general principles of prevention and safety in making technical decisions, in order to plan the work to develop
  • coordinating the activities of the work, in order to ensure that contractors, subcontractors and freelancers apply the principles of preventive action in a consistent and responsible manner
  • approving the Safety and Health Plan prepared by the builder and, when applicable, the modifications introduced therein
  • organizing business activities
  • coordinating actions to control the correct application of the working methods
  • taking measures to limit the access to the building works.

When the building works are not very complex, the developer tends to shift the appointment of the Coordinator to any of the professionals in the Professional Management, either the Director of the Works or the Director of the Performance of the Works.

The Builder

Construction firms can respond to the following classification:
  • small companies: they have little business infrastructure and use to outsource some services
  • medium companies: they have some technician workforce, which use to act as representative on site
  • big companies: they have complex charts composed of delegates, team leaders, production managers, etc.

Small companies use to pursue reform projects for homes, shops and public buildings, and new-building projects for single houses and small housing developments. Medium companies access to more types of works, through tender or auction. Big companies reach high budget building projects.
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