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Cadastral Valuation Standards in Spain (II)

Technical Standards for Cadastral Valuation in Spain (II)

Definition of Construction. Land Delimitation. Valuation Polygons.

Spanish Royal Decree 1020/1993 is applied in the valuation of those constructions and buildings which, according to the Spanish Law on Land Regime and Urban Planning, must be subject to a license, with the exception of those that may be considered 'rustic nature constructions'.

Definition of Construction

Spanish R. D. 1020/1993 defines 'construction' as :
  • buildings in any case, even if they are transportable and although the land on which they are located does not belong to the owner of the construction
  • commercial or industrial facilities that are comparable to the concept of 'buildings' and not to the concept of machines or appliances, such as dams, tanks, loaders, etc.
  • development and improvement works and those made for the use of open spaces, like enclosures for markets, outdoor deposits, sport facilities, docks, parking areas and other areas annexed to constructions
  • all other buildings that are not expressly described as 'rustic nature constructions'.

Delimitation of Urban Nature Land

In each Spanish municipality there should be a Delimitation of the Land, which must be documented and submitted to the following procedures:
  • approval by the Real Estate Territorial Council
  • exposure to the public, after publication by edict.

Valuation Polygons

After the Land Delimitation derives the division of the Land in Valuation Polygons, according to the following criteria:
  • urban consistency, both for the calification of the land and per the type of constructions
  • administrative circumstances
  • market characteristics that facilitate the valuation
  • economic and social circumstances
  • other circumstances, duly justified in the Valuation Settings.

In addition to the listed criteria, in municipalities whose planning is adapted to the consolidated text of the Spanish Law on Land Regime and Urban Planning, the delimitation of polygons must consider:
  • distribution areas
  • urban land areas referred to further planning
  • sectors delimited by general planning on Scheduled Developable Land.

Valuation of Buildings in Spain

Daniel Trujillano, Architect

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