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Building Demolition Projects

The Demolition of Buildings

Content, Endorsement and Demolishing Permit. Sanctions.

In Spain, a full demolition project must include the following documents :
  • memory - report: developer, work order, description of the building, demolition method and applicable planning conditions
  • schedule of demolition costs
  • site plan, location plan and floor plans
  • elevations plans or photographs
  • Health and Safety Basic Study or Health and Safety Study, as appropriate
  • Waste Management Study: estimate of the amount of waste generated; measures to adopt for waste prevention; reuse, recovery or disposal operations; measures for waste separation; storage, handling and separation utilities plans; particular technical requirements related to the storage, handling and separation, and assessment about the estimated cost of waste management.

Endorsement of Demolition Projects

According to Spanish Royal Decree 1000/2010, obtaining the endorsment by the Architects' Association is always mandatory for building demolition projects, whether they require the use of explosives or not.

Demolishing Permit in Andalusia

According to the current Urban Planning Regulations of Andalusia, Demolition Licenses, understood as those that are intended to carry out demolition of buildings, structures or facilities, are considered Urban Licenses. The Regulations provide that the demolition of facilities, whatever their class or use and whether they are permanent or temporary, are subject to prior municipal Urban License, without prejudice to any other authorizations or reports that may be needed and with the sole exception of those motivated by assumptions of imminent physical wreck.

Sanctions for Acts of Demolition

The acts of total or partial demolition of constructions, buildings or facilities under special protection by applicable Urban Planning, because of their unique architectural, historical or cultural value, shall be punished with fines which may be between 200 and 300 percent on the value of the destroyed or altered part.
Building Demolition Projects in Spain

Daniel Trujillano, Architect

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