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Legalization Documents for Buildings in Spain (II)

The Legalization of Buildings in Spain (II)

Drafting Legalization Documents

The Legalization Documents are required when the construction works were performed without the intervention of an Architect.

Technical Documentation

Generally, Legalization Documents refer to construction works that were performed without any Architectural Documents, so the technical and administrative documentation they require is the sum of the documents associated to the Architectural Design phase and the Construction Documents phase, with exception of some documents (Specifications Document, Measurement Document, Order Book, etc.). Normally, Legalization Documents shall consist of the following:
  • Description, Justification and Construction Reports
  • Justification of Compliance with Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE)
  • Justification of Compliance with other Regulations (Telecommunications, Accesibility, etc.)
  • Annexes (Fire Protection, Calculation of Installations, Energetic Efficiency, etc.)
  • Location Plan, Site Plan, Urban Development Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections Plans, Structure Plans, Installations Plans, etc.
  • Summary of the Construction Cost
  • Instructions for Use and Maintenance
  • Architect's Certificate
  • Common Certificate suscribed by both Architect and Technical Architect, where legally required
  • Pictures showing all exterior walls.

Legalization of Unfinished Construction Works

If the construction works are not fully completed, the architectural assignment needed shall be named “Legalization of Performed Works and Construction Documents for the Completion”. In that case, it will be necessary to clearly differentiate the completed parts from the unfinished ones, and the latter will need all documents associated to the Architectural Design phase and the Construction Documents phase, without exception.

Architectural Fees

Typically, fees associated to the professional service of drafting Legalization Documents for construction works are calculated by analogy with those applicable to a new building assgnment.

Endorsement by Architects' Association

According to the Spanish legislation (Royal Decree 1000/2010), during the administrative procedure associated to the legalization of construction works, all Legalization Documents and the Final Performance Certificate must obtain endorsement by the Architects' Association.

Legalization Projects in Spain

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