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20. Building Demolition Projects in Andalusia

The Demolition of Buildings in Andalusia

Buildings Incompatible with Urban Planning. Urban ruins.

The Law on Urban Planning in Andalusia (LOUA) requires the owner to obtain planning permission before proceeding to the demolition of all kinds of buildings and whatever their use, whether final or temporary, except in the case of imminent physical ruin.

Demolition of Buildings Incompatible with the Urban Planning

In Andalusia, every council or, where appropriate, Ministry responsible for urban planning, must order the immediate demolition of the buildings which are manifestly incompatible with the urban planning, after a hearing with the owners, and providing a month for it, as maximum.

Demolition of Buildings in Situation of Ruin

Andalusian LOUA prescribes, for the case of buildings declared in legal situation of urban ruin, the ability for owners to opt for demolition thereof, unless the building or construction is protected or linked to some procedure for cataloging or establishing a comprehensive protection regime. The demolition or removal of all or part of constructions, buildings or facilities subject to special protection by the applicable urban planning because of their unique architectural, historical or cultural value is considered a punishable offense.

Registration of Administrative Acts

Both temporary buildings demolition orders and demolition arrangements for replenishment of altered physical reality to its original state can be entered in the Land Register.
Building Demolition Projects in Spain

Daniel Trujillano, Architect
Technical Documents for Demolition Projects in Spain

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